Twin Solar Arrays to Appear on Closed Landfills

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solar panels image courtesy of wikipediaBoth Portland and South Portland are moving forward with plans to install solar power plants atop closed landfills.

On September 7, 2016, the Portland City Council voted unanimously to authorize its city manager to negotiate a power purchase agreement (or PPA) with Revision Energy to build a 660-killiwatt solar array on the Ocean Ave. landfill. The array is expected to save the city more than $3.2 million in energy costs over its lifetime.

The city of South Portland is planning an identical array for its closed landfill. The joint negotiation by the two cities with the installer has served to lower costs for both projects. The initial $150,000 that each city will invest over the first six years of its project is expected to be paid back within 10 years through energy savings.

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