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Our Communities

Yes, Maude, ammonia is also a fuel.

Biodiesel, biofuels, biomass, biogas and more

How to offset carbon emissions with renewable energy credits

K-12 energy education, college-level energy programs, research & development, training, licensing and certifications

How we can reduce our energy consumption

Battery and other technologies for storing energy for when we need it

Loans, grants, tax incentives, insurance, financial analysis

Transferring heat from the earth to our buildings

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Buying renewably-produced power from or supplying it to the grid

The appliances that concentrate heat from air or water for winter heating or summer cooling

The lightest element on the periodic table can store and supply energy

Engineering, consulting, auditing, architecture, construction, legal counsel, surveying and more

Photovoltaic for electricity, solar thermal for heat and hot water

How to get around using less energy with public or private means

The alchemy of turning what we don't want into power we can use

Hydroelectric, tidal and ocean wave power

Onshore or offshore, community scale or industrial scale wind power

Wood pellet heat, wood boilers, heat from cordwood and more