A Plethora of Articles on Electric Vehicles

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Maine Clean Communities has compiled quite a list of articles related to electric vehicles, and is good enough to share them here. Let's start with their own feasibility study:

Maine Clean Communities’ EV Feasibility Study

In October of 2011, Maine Clean Communities completed an Electric Vehicle Feasibility Study for the Greater Portland Region including the cities of Portland, South Portland and Westbrook. Included in the Study is a survey of existing hybrid owners and others about their attitutes and support for Plug-In Hybrids and EVs. Read the study and see maps of proposed charging station sites from this link.

FUN FACT: It Takes More Electricity to Drive Gasoline Cars Than to Drive Electric Ones

Believe it or not, it takes more electricity to drive your average gasoline-powered vehicle 100 miles than it takes to drive an electric vehicle 100 miles. The average car in the U.S. gets approximately 21 mpg, which will take 5 gallons to drive 100 miles. Those five gallons of gasoline took 40 kwh of electricity to make. Whereas, an electric vehicle will only use approximately 30 kwh (3.3 miles per kwh) of electricity to drive those same 100 miles.

Read the article in the Electric Mini Blog

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

Plug In America has compiled a comprehensive list of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). The list includes details on many different models as well as costs. Click here to see the list.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Guidelines

Sonoma County, California has released Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station program and installation guidelines. The guidelines have been created to provide a consistent framework in the installation of EV infrastructure on public and private parking facilities throughout Sonoma County. Read the whole article here.

First Blink® DC Fast Charging Station Installed

ECOtality has installed their first Blink® DC fast charging Electric Vehicle station in October of 2011  in Portland, Oregon. The UL-listed Blink® DC fast charger has the fastest EV charging rates currently available, and has the ability to charge a Nissan LEAF to 80 percent capacity in half an hour. Read all about it.

Electric Vehicle Residential Charging Permits

Did you know that if you purchase a plug-in hybrid or Electric Vehicle (EV), one of the things to take into consideration is the permit required to install a Level II charger? Clean Cities has created a permitting template that municipalities can use to write the necessary permits.  Here is the scoop.

What is the Northeast Regional Electric Vehicle Network?

The Northeast Electric Vehicle Network is made up of ten states and the District of Columbia. The states involved include: Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont. 

The Network will work together to promote economic growth, maintain the region’s leadership in the clean energy economy, and reduce the area’s dependence on oil and its emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants by promoting Electric Vehicles.

Read more about the NREVN here.

Here are a couple more items we found to add to the list:

Lithium Air Cells for Electric Vehicles May Provide 500-Mile Travel Ranges

Physicists at IBM's Almaden laboratories, based in San Jose, California are researching a new electrolytic material to allow development of Lithium-ion batteries that are stable enough to provide 800km or 500-mile ranges for electric vehicles.  "New Scientist" reports that as part of Battery 500, an IBM-led coalition involving four US national laboratories and commercial partners, hopes to have a full-scale prototype ready by 2013, with commercial batteries to follow by around 2020.

Read the whole article on New Scientist.

See the Movie, "Revenge of the Electric Car" In Portsmouth on January 19, 2012

The Sierra Club of NH is showing this movie for one night only.  Here are the details:

When: January 19
Movie showing at 7:00 p.m.
Come early and see the electric cars on display.

Where: The Music Hall,
28 Chestnut St, Portsmouth, NH 03801 (map

You can order tickets here.

For more fun with electric vehicles, don't forget to check out Maine's own EV club.

What to you know about electric vehicles? Share it in the comments below.