McKibben and Gussin Say Tar Sands Pipeline Would Hurt Clean Tech Industries

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“Once the big investments in this most CO2-intensive fossil fuel are made...well, fait accompli. The price at the pump is kept low, for another half-decade, anyway, and then forget about investments in electric cars, or in infrastructure to power transportation with renewable energy.”

So says Bill McKibben, author of "Earth" and founder of He and co-author L.D. Gussin say cleantech's interests should make it oppose the building of the Keystone XL pipeline to the Canadian tar sand fields.   This fall, President Obama will decide to permit or prevent Keystone XL from being built.

McKibben and Gussin urge cleantech companies to see their common cause with climate activists, and their own political power. Along with native cleantech industries like wind, energy storage and smart buildings, the massive power utility and high tech industries are both now invested deeply in clean energy, and should actively oppose fossil energy interests.

Says McKibben, “Put together... you have a global clean economy, potentially the biggest business ever. But fossil energy interests see their fight clearly. Support for the Tar Sands Action by cleantech will show that it sees its fight clearly, as well.”

In an Aug. 5, 2011 op-ed on, McKibben challenged cleantech communities to join the Tar Sands Action civil disobedience scheduled to run August 20th through September 3rd at the White House. The action, with potentially thousands of arrests, will protest tar sands development and building the Keystone XL pipeline. Many accomplished intellectuals, scientists, and environmentalists are supporting the civil disobedience.

For more information, visit the website. Then tell us here what you think of this brewing brawl between big oil and clean technologies.

To arrange for an interview with Bill McKibben, contact:

Jamie Henn, Communications Director,, 415-601-9337

or L.D. Gussin, co-author,, 978-821-1818



Join this effort

I took part in this civil disobedience today Sunday and was arrested. Small price to pay for stopping this project. Join if you can here in DC. There is plenty of support on the ground. Go to: for more info.

Thanks for your courage

You go, girl!  I admire your courage in taking a stand.