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How to Advertise on the Green Energy Maine Website

Thank you for considering advertising on www.GreenEnergyMaine.com. The ads on this page show you the available positions and sizes.  Footer sponsorships are also available. Further explanation of ad positions and terms is below. 

E-newsletter advertisements and enhanced directory listings are also available. Please contact the publisher to receive a rate sheet.

sample ad 290 x 210 pixels

It is available on certain pages and not others; talk to us


Here's the Scoop:

Three spaces are available for advertisements on each page of the website. Each space is purchased on a monthly basis, according to specified pages where it will appear. Ads may be run for periods of 3, 6 or 12 months. Every ad placed may rotate with up to three other ads in the same location. The three sizes available are shown at the top of this page:
Banner Ads (to the right of logo) 400 x 60 pxels
Tile Ads (to the right of banner ads) 200 x 60 pixels
Power Ads (to the left of Clayton's feet) 290 x 210 pixels

Home Page Ads
These will appear on the home page, www. GreenEnergyMaine.com, as well as on the following pages:
user registration, profile management and log-in pages
site map
about us/contact
search results
terms of use
privacy policy
DMCA policy
accessibility (when available)

General Community and Navigation Ads
These will appear on the main communities page, as well as on the following main navigation and resource pages:
News, main page
Jobs and RFP's, main page
Blogs, main page
Directory, main page
Secret Acronym Decoder
Calendar of Events

Minimum ad term is 12 months for Home Page and Community Page banner ads (only).

Categorized Blog, News and Jobs/RFP's Pages Ads
These will appear on those pages which summarize all the posts in a certain community category under blogs, news and jobs/RFP's. For example, a solar ad would appear on the solar community page and on the pages that list all solar blog posts, all solar news and all solar jobs and RFP's. On individual, opened blog or job/RFP posts which fall under more than one category, the system will select which category of ad is displayed. This is beyond our control.

Footer Sponsorships
Site-wide sponsorships are available for a 12-month minimum contract. These will result in a company's logo being displayed in the footer of every page on the website, with a link back to the sponsor's website. 

Categorized Directory Space Ads and Enhanced Directory Listings

To receive a current rate card via email, please send a request to sales@greenenergymaine.com. Rates are subject to change without notice.

Special Rates for Non-Profit Organizations
Special rates are available for tile ads on categorized pages (limited to 9 spaces) and on enhanced directory listings (unlimited) for Maine-based organizations that hold 501(c)3 status with the IRS.

Ads sold on GreenEnergyMaine.com are commissionable at 15% to established agencies and contracted sales representatives only.

Advertisement Specifications
Green Energy Maine has taken the "no blinking ads" pledge. Please submit publication-ready files in the correct size as either .jpg, .png or non-animated .gif format. Please, no .pdf's or .tif's.

Please provide a working .url for us to link to when visitors click on your ad.

Logo size for footer sponsorships: approximately 55 x 35 pixels.

Ad creative files may be emailed to editor@greenenergymaine.com.

Results Tracking
To keep rates low, Green Energy Maine, LLC does not report ad traffic statistics back to advertisers. All advertisers are urged to create specific landing pages for their ads on Green Energy Maine and to track the traffic on those landing pages to gauge their impact.