That Kay, she's  a mite stiff in front of the camera, but she means well.  At least she can talk to you; I'm just stuck here in this one position, and isn't my right arm getting tired!

About Green Energy Maine was launched in March of 2011. It is our mission to facilitate Maine's transition to a clean energy economy by providing the most comprehensive clearinghouse of information about clean energy technologies, products and services possible.

What We Offer to Energy Consumers:

   1.  Information about ways to change over from old fuels to new, sustainable energy sources.
   2.  A place to share and learn from the experience of others who have made the shift already.
   3.  A directory where we can find providers of clean energy products and services.
   4.  Information about educational and job opportunities in the new energy economy.
   5.  A calendar of events related to clean energy.

What We Offer to Clean Energy Providers:

   1.  A place to educate your potential customers about the new energy technologies you offer.
   2.  A place to demonstrate your expertise by writing about successful energy transitions you have created.
   3.  Exposure for your business in the directory, where serious seekers are looking. 
   4.  Free job postings for openings you have.
   5.  Publicity for any events you host.

What Sets Green Energy Maine Apart from Other Websites:

Green Energy Maine focuses on a HIGHLY-TARGETED, niche subject area: sustainable energy technologies that are applicable in Maine. Green Energy Maine is COMPREHENSIVE,  and is FREE to use.

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Kay Mann

Katharine (Kay) Mann, Publisher and Editor

Kay is a writer who believes the bumper sticker that says, “The most powerful thing you can do is to introduce people to each other.”  Before creating Green Energy Maine, she spent 13 years as a purchasing and marketing manager for a small company that manufactures custom-engineered machinery components.  She served on the board of directors for the non-profit Hydrogen Energy Center from 2004-2008 and 2012-present.

Kay has BA in International Affairs from the University of Colorado. She also has a background in dance and mime and she speaks German and French.

Kay lives near Brunswick Landing (the former navy base) with her husband Harold and a sweet, old cat.

See Kay’s LinkedIn profile here. Watch an interview with Kay on local access TV in 2015.

You can email Kay at: .


Clayton Moody, headshot

Clayton Moody, Cartoon Character

Clayton was created by Maine’s own Mike Gorman. Clayton lives somewhere in central Maine with his wife Ruth and their dog Barnie. He used to work as a registered Maine Guide and a tree farmer. Now he’s semi-retired, but he is still on the volunteer fire department, and he keeps busy raising the chickens and some wicked decent fruits and veggies out back. He weatherized his own house, thank you very much, and he’s thinking of putting up a solar panel and disconnecting from the grid altogether, but he’ll have to clear a few of Ruth’s favorite trees on the south side first…

Green Energy Maine logo

Our logo was designed by Katie McCormick of Lewiston.

Contact Green Energy Maine at:
PO Box 424 Brunswick, ME 04011-0424
Tel.:  207-504-1929


Susan Grossman of Finishing First in California

Susan R. Grossman, Web Designer

Susan is a self-taught user-interface designer who has built many great websites.  She decided to add Drupal to her skill-set and thus determined that the Green Energy Maine site would be built on this great, extensible, open-source content management system (CMS). We have not regretted it for a minute.

One of Susan’s many specialties is designing websites to meet ADA accessibility guidelines, so we are fortunate to be able to say that because of her, the Green Energy Maine site is built with accessibility for ALL in mind.

Susan lives and works in the gold country hills of California with her husband Mark and their Rhodesian Ridgeback, Jane.

See Susan's website and read her impressive resume and portfolio here.